10 Possible Careers in the World of Technology

I stumbled upon many job listings in the search for careers involving forms of technology. There were pages and pages of possible careers that were just within my reach. Here are 10 examples of these jobs that I found most captivating, in hopes that I can one day experience a similar career.

[no particular order]

1. Associate Creative Director-Design

The Mx Group


Expertise needed: Experience in digital design, UI / UX principles, excellent presentation skills

I fall short for this particular job posting for many reasons. Besides the lack of degree and 7+ years of experience in the field I am also limited in my knowledge of digital design, as I only know the basics of Photoshop. Hopefully I will gain lots more experience in this aspect, and learning more technological terms by the time I graduate.

2. Associate Creative Director



Expertise needed: Cultivate creative online strategies, experience in Flash, Flex, Ajax, etc., knowledge of interaction design

I would definitely need to learn about the programs listed above, and how/when to use them. I think experience in the field, in general, would help me be prepared for this career. I would need to learn more about different types of online design.

3. Snapchat Discover Creative Director/Editor



Expertise needed: Make decisions based on analytical analysis, experience producing editorial content, expert user of all major social media platforms

I would need to learn more about producing editorial content, and the editorial world in general. I would also need to sharpen and perfect my social media skills.

4. Art Director-Hush Puppies

Wolverine Worldwide


Expertise needed: Strong understanding of social media, proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, understanding of digital asset management, organization and distribution of files

I fall short for this job posting as well because of my lack of experience in the technological world. I would need to gain more understanding in all aspects of the needed requirements for this job. I also would need to learn what digital asset management is, as I assume that might be needed.

5. Graphic Art Director

Nicosia Creative Expresso LTD


Expertise needed: Specific design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, modifying layout designs

Again, I have very limited experience with Adobe, and would love to learn more. I also don’t know anything about modifying layout designs. This job looks very cool.

6. Art Director

Sports Media- ESPN


Expertise needed: Extensive knowledge of Adobe CS, deep understanding of user interface, working knowledge of CSS, HTML 5, AfterEffects, JavaScript, jQuery

I don’t know what user interface is, or CSS, HTML 5, JavaScript, and jQuery for that matter. I would need to definitely take courses to perfect my skills in all things technology for this job posting especially. And again, with Adobe knowledge.

7. Fashion Office Graphic Designer

Macy’s Inc.


Expertise needed: Photo-editing skills, InDesign, Acrobat, Bridge, Keynote, Premier, Flash, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite

These are all skills that I would need to improve. I also have never heard of Acrobat, Bridge, Keynote, Premier, or Flash. These job postings make me feel like I know nothing about technology, but I am excited to continue learning.

8. Associate Graphic Designer



Expertise needed: E-commerce experience, Adobe, Flash, typographical skills

I have no e-commerce experience, and would definitely need to learn typographical skills. Each of these jobs requires pretty extensive knowledge of the Adobe Suite as well.

9. Social Media Manager/Graphic Designer

Chaseart Companies


Expertise needed: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Web Design, HTML, Flash

I don’t have any experience in web design, HTML, or Flash. I would need improvements in all areas listed.

10. Associate Creative Director

VSA Partners


Expertise needed: Adobe Creative Suite, design/color/typography skills, understanding of how information architecture and schematics translate into design

I definitely would need improvements in my understanding of information architecture and schematics translating into design. Again, I need to improve my Adobe Creative Suite skills, and learn more about typography as well.


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