How Technology & Teamwork Go Hand-in-Hand


A big trend in my blog posts as of late have been technology. It is ever-changing, amazing, and terrifying. The endless possibilities and uses of technology never cease to amaze me. In my CAP 105 course, we learned all about the tech world involved within our major of advertising and public relations. In my last blog post, “Top 5 Things I Learned In Technology“, I explained how important technology will be in my future career, whatever that may be.

But how else will technology affect our future in the work world? Collaborating and project teamwork has come a long way. From sitting in a bland conference room, around a large conference table, with a bunch of white men in suits- we are now in a world where communication has expanded past the four walls of a conference room. We are able to connect with other cultures through the use of technology.

As Brent and Brian from Externa CGI showed us, the world of virtual and augmented reality is growing rapidly. They explained to us that in the extremely near future, we will soon be able to use this technology to speak and see people sitting in the same room as us, when they are in fact somewhere else in the world. This would bridge the communication gap for some businesses like no technology has done before. Team collaboration will become a piece of cake, and communicating with work members will be eerily easy.

Technology has also improved the use of digital analytics in terms of collaborating between different social sites. Hootsuite has the power to combine tracking of several different social sites all in one. In my class, we took tests to become Hootsuite certified, in order to really be able to use this type of analytic features properly.

Another way technology has initiated the interconnectivity of the universe, is through RSS Feeds such as Feedly. Feedly articles are from websites that can be shared to one RSS feed, customized by the user. Google alerts can be sent through it to alert the user when their favorite interests pop up in the RSS feed. This just makes the flow of content and information faster and easier between colleagues, friends, individuals, etc.

As a college students, it’s very likely to have already used Google Docs to collaborate with other students on projects and Google Slides for presentations. Google even took it a step further with a newly announced “Jamboard”, which is basically a white board in the cloud that will allow teammates and coworkers to collaborate in real-time. This is awesome for the future of my profession, because it makes long-distant collaboration that much easier.

In the social world, collaboration goes hand-in-hand. Communication between businesses, between business and customer, and between customers, is as easy as the click of a button. Twitter bots are now being used by some business (or tested, at least), to add automatic and robotic responses to a Twitter account. While this is risky, it does allow some doors to be opened when it comes to communication and collaboration within businesses.

Jason Dodge, from Black Truck Media, came to our CAP 105 class as well. He taught us the importance of SEO and SEM in his work as well. I analyzed the importance of SEO/SEM in my last blog, but it does not lose any value here. Teamwork involves analytics and SEO involves researching the searching that people do. Technology of analytics have allowed us to learn and grow as businesses and people.

We also talked a lot in my CAP 105  course about “The Internet of Things“. This constant exchange of uses and information between different objects, is truly seeming to be the future. This scares me a little, in the way of dangers we will probably face with this type of technology. Although, having this type of technology in whatever future career I have, will probably be useful. We’ve talked about how some restaurants can advertise to consumers based on their geographical location in proximity to the restaurant and this is only the beginning of the intense use of technology in the future world of advertising and public relations.


Overall, teamwork and collaboration in this day and age, could not thrive without new technology. Competing businesses are always looking for easier and more effective ways to work and collaborate, and not staying up to date on the technological side of things can only do damage. Once again, staying on top of relevant technology trends is always key.




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