final exam

Our Team Name/Logo

I was lucky enough to be on a team with the lovely Jacklyn and Samantha. We named our team “Cap Queens”, because… well, we are queens and we are in a CAP class. Very clever, we are.


Our logo was made on Adobe Illustrator, with a little playing around with text and typography (something I love) and warping effects. Very fun!

Group Photos

For our group photos, we visited the Pew Campus downtown. We had a stranger take each picture, with the exception of the courtyard picture, which was captured by a balancing act and self-timer.


Starbucks Coffee at Downtown Pew Campus: This spot on campus holds near and dear to our hearts. Without a continuous supply of espresso pumping through our veins- we may not have made it this semester.


Clock Tower at Downtown Pew Campus: This is a very iconic place on the Pew Campus. You can hear the clock chime all throughout campus, and it’s directly in the center.


Courtyard at the Downtown Pew Campus: This courtyard is central to the downtown campus, and lets in a little weather in between buildings. It’s great in the summer to lay in between classes when you’re too exhausted to carry on.


Mosaic Art Piece at the Downtown Pew Campus: This bench with the mosaic art is the first thing you see walking into the DeVos Building. It’s really beautiful and it’s iconic for the entrance to the Steelcase Library.

These pictures were really fun to edit, also. We touched up the brightness/contrast, adjusted the levels, adjusted the curves, and we even used the “Burn” tool on Photoshop to try and add a little color to our winter-drained faces. We also used the “Dodge” tool to highlight some of the background colors, and the “Blur” tool to attempt at fixing some of our blemishes.

The Memes


Quidditching Meme: (Me soaring above the playing field)


Vadering Meme: (Samantha vadering me into the white abyss)


Hadouken Meme: (Jacklyn blasting me off the top of a mountain)

These memes were so fun for me. We laughed so hard throughout this process, and definitely put on a show for cars passing by. The editing was my favorite part. Photoshop makes it possible to literally do anything with a photo, and I love that. I’m glad this CAP 105 class touched on photo editing because it allowed me to dust off some of my old skills.

Favorite Art Piece


Art Sculpture in Courtyard

I don’t know the name of this art piece, but it’s my favorite of the downtown Pew Campus. It’s right in the middle of Devos, in the courtyard. I love the courtyard because it’s a place rid of classrooms and full of trees. It makes you forget you’re at school. This art piece, the Cap Queens decided, is a sculpture of hugging. It’s often passed by without given notice to. I edited the background of this picture to give it a pretty sky, and lightened the grass and tree colors. I edited the brightness/contrast/levels as well.

GVSU Annual Report:


Retrieved December 8, 2016 from: GVSU Annual Report

On GVSU’s website there is a “GVU Foundation- Giving to Grand Valley” page. If you click, “Foundation Business & Reports”, you can then click on “Access the Annual Report online”. This brings you to the Annual Report page, where you see yearly financial reports for the university. I screenshot this image, because it made me curious. The chart shows how much money in gifts, pledges, and donations GVSU receives yearly. The year 2010 was clearly the highest number in donations, and it made me wonder why. I didn’t know this type of page was accessible to view.


Favorite Meme

“Evil Kermit”



The “Evil Kermit” memes are my favorite right now. I hate that I have a “favorite meme”, because it’s a weird thing to have a favorite of, when you really think about it. These memes are so funny to me, because they’re basically a funny way of showing self deprecating humor, which college students can so easily relate to. It kinda jokes about all of the things we battle with in our heads, even if they are as silly as kicking ice under the fridge, because you’re too lazy to pick it up. I’m not sure why memes became a “thing’, or if they’re here to stay, but I’m definitely enjoying the laughs in the meantime. They’re important to our culture, because they’re constantly inventing new ones, and we are a culture of constantly expecting something new and exciting. It’s also nice to have something to laugh about in terrible times, such as the year 2016 in general.


Group Video

Here’s our group video touring the Steelcase Library at the Pew Campus downtown.


All in all, CAP 105 has been my favorite class of the semester. We were given the freedom to do our assignments with our own little touch, which I absolutely love. 10/10 would recommend.